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Coronavirus Update

As lockdown eases, we are now holding some events, though still maintaining social-distance etc. See our 'What's on' page for more details.


Holding the heart of another in the comforting hands of prayer is a priceless act of love. (Janet Weaver)

Please take time to explore our site, check out our forthcoming events and visit us in person when you are in Cornwall. The Prayer Garden is always open for personal reflection.

Degibna Prayer Chapel is available for group bookings or personal use for prayer, quiet days, talks and similar activities. There is no charge, but a donation to cover costs is appreciated.

Please contact Theresa Hosking on 01326 561140 or by email

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Monthly Eco Tip (also see our Eco Page)

Celebrate Spring! In a season signifying new beginnings and as restrictions slowly ease, we pray that you can find peace and refreshment in God, and in signs of His love and splendour in creation. Make sure you’re giving yourself quality time enjoying creation; smelling the blossom, tapping catkins, listening to bird song, finding a footprint or identifying spring flowers. Nature can boost our happiness so take time to observe nature in your gardens, on your balconies, and in your local green spaces.

    Degibna Prayer Chapel is part of The Lizard and Mount's Bay Methodist Circuit.

We are affiliated to the Quiet Garden Trust and the Cornwall Prayer Initiative.