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Degibna Prayer Garden

The garden has been designed to support a wide range of uses, providing visitors with a place of peace and contemplation as well as a social space and, summer permitting, an opportunity to relax and enjoy the sun.

The entrance is down the lane to the right of the Chapel.

Through the seasons

The plants in the garden were chosen to provide all year round interest, scent and ability to attract wildlife whilst being hardy to what is in winter, an exposed, windy location. The planting in each bed has been colour coordinated and many of the plants have a religious significance.

Wild primroses are providing a beautiful spring display at present, along with Narcissi ‘Thalia’, whose multi-headed white blooms are a focal point around the water feature. Here also is the Shield Fern, its coppery young foliage soon to unfurl.

Look out in July for the Dierama (Angel’s Fishing Rod) whose delicate, arching flower stems will bob around in the breeze.

Over the summer months butterflies and bees will be attracted to the Verbena Bonariensis, Sedum, Buddleia and Honeysuckle – all are good sources of nectar and the Honeysuckle will fill the air with its spicy fragrance on summer evenings.

Also flowering in summer are Weigela, Fuscias, Hebe and Rock Rose. These shrubs provide part of the backbone of the planting structure along with the evergreens: Holly, Viburnum, Cotoneaster, Laurel, Myrtle, Pittosporum and Mahonia, which will provide winter interest when the deciduous shrubs have died back.
The pictures show Elaine and David Turnbull, who developed the garden, and their daughter Laura