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Spring Newsletter 2022

Dear Friends,

Greetings to all our Friends. We wish you renewed hope and joy as we experience afresh the beauty of Spring and the wonder of Easter. Please find enclosed our new Events Sheet (April – June) and a Prayer Bookmark for Easter Week (April 17-23 this year).

Pray for Ukraine & Others

Events in Ukraine seem a long way from Degibna, yet we recall the commission of Jesus to his disciples to go to ‘all nations’. The concern of God is for all people. Thus, we are also horrified and heartbroken by the conflicts in Myanmar, Nigeria, Yemen and Afghanistan which create starvation, poverty and fear. Christians are to ‘pursue peace with everyone’ (Hebrews 12:14); this mandate is clear and requires courage, perseverance and understanding. Please pray for all politicians, that there may be an end to aggression and that dialogue, justice and peace may be established.

You may wish to use this prayer for peace.

Holy and Gracious God, we pray:

  • for the people of Ukraine and the people of Russia; for their countries and their leaders.
  • for all those who are afraid; that your everlasting arms hold them in this time of great fear.
  • for all those who have the power over life and death; that they will choose for all people life, and life in all its fullness.
  • for those who choose war; that they will remember that you direct your people to turn our swords into ploughshares and seek       for peace.
  • for leaders on the world stage; that they are inspired by the wisdom and courage of Christ.

Above all, Lord, we pray for peace for Ukraine, in the name of your blessed Son. Lord have mercy. Amen

Rev Amanda

Friends Update

We are truly grateful for the support of all our Friends, especially during the pandemic. Without your prayers and generosity our situation would be much worse. Thank you. Last year (2020-21) we ended with 79 Friends thanks to nearly everyone renewing + some new Friends. This year too we have made new Friends but renewals have been slower. At present we have 54 Friends. If you have not yet renewed, please do consider this, and please encourage others as you have opportunity. On May 1st our Oasis Service will be our first Friends Service when we celebrate the contribution of you, our Friends. This, we hope, will be an annual event. Do come along if you live locally and celebrate with us.

Events & Bookings

In the last 18 months our expenditure has exceeded income by £3,700. This is partly due to a large amount of property maintenance and improvement, but mainly due to loss of income. Attendance at our events has been mostly low and bookings are still well below pre-pandemic levels. Please pray for better attendance at our events and for more regular and occasional bookings.

One glorious exception was the ‘Big Brew’ social during Fairtrade Fortnight. 29 people attended, £220 was taken on the Traidcraft stall and a further £110 donated to Traidcraft Exchange. A big thank you to all who supported this.

Vision & Mission

In the last newsletter we reported briefly on our Mission Plan and this will be the focus of our annual Vision Meeting: 2.00pm on April 27th – a time of prayer, sharing and reflection. Do come along as we seek to discern God’s way forward. One possible way of ‘Encouraging Prayer’ that we shall consider is to take part in the national ‘Try Praying’ initiative this summer. Check the website to find out more (www.trypraying.orgAnother is to take part in ‘Thy Kingdom Come 2022’ which takes place between Ascension Day and Pentecost. We have ordered some resources for local distribution so look out for those in May.

We hope to ‘Extend Hospitality’ by continuing our Quarterly Socials. Also, for a trial period in July and August, having 2 or 3 Friends to welcome visitors during the afternoon when the chapel is open on Sundays. Sadly no one responded to the appeal for extra volunteers in the last newsletter but there is still time. We cannot realistically extend hospitality unless more people are willing to take part regularly or occasionally so, if you live locally, do volunteer if you can. We shall ensure that new volunteers are teamed with someone experienced. We are grateful for all the support we receive, but we see the need to recruit more helpers in order to share the load.

Degibna News

  • In January we took part in the Big Garden Birdwatch organised by the RSPB. In one hour in the Prayer Garden 10 species were seen, including a Firecrest.
  • It has been agreed to fit roller blinds for our 5 arched windows at a cost of £1,453. These will allow us to darken inside when projecting photos, video clips etc. both at our own events and at bookings.
  • In April we plan to gather a small team of volunteers to weed, prune and tidy the garden.

Some Prayer Points

  • As Spring advances and we see signs of new life in gardens and countryside:
  • Pray with gratitude for the beauty and diversity in the natural world
  • Pray that many will take to heart the Easter message and find hope in difficult times
  • Pray for all those suffering due to war, pandemic, climate change and more
  • Pray for an increase in bookings and an increase in those attending our events
  • Pray for our Vision Meeting & Mission Plan that we follow where God leads
  • Pray for one another as Friends of Degibna Prayer Chapel

Every blessing, as we continue to support one another in prayer.

Rev Andrew Hill (01326 569803) & Rev Amanda Stevens (01326 561792)

Degibna Prayer Chapel and Prayer Garden

Winter Newsletter 2021

Dear Friends,

Greetings to all our Friends. We wish you and your loved ones a joyful and peaceful Christmas.

Thanks to those of you (50+) who have already joined as Friends or renewed. If you have not done so yet, do not fret, there is still time. We are always delighted to welcome new Friends and receive renewals.

Celtic Considerations

Celtic Christianity has often been romanticised, looking back to the Saints such as Aidan and Columba who came from Ireland to Britain and clashed with the Roman brand of Christianity arriving with Augustine in AD597. But as many Christians have found, the Celtic way has much to teach us.

Columba arrived on the island of Iona in AD563. There he formed a monastery and today a Christian community remains. Often at Degibna Prayer Chapel we use the liturgies and prayers which originate from the contemporary Iona Community.

The Celtic Church was always ready to experience God in his creation. Columba wrote a poem in this vein and here is an extract for your reflection as you stay alert for God’s presence:

Delightful it is to stand on the peak of a rock, in the bosom of the isle, gazing on the face of the sea.

I hear the heaving waves chanting a tune to God in heaven; I see their glittering surf.

I see the golden beaches, their sands sparkling: I hear the joyous shrieks of the swooping gulls.

Let me bless Almighty God, whose power extends over sea and land, whose angels watch over all.

Every blessing, Rev Amanda

Events & Bookings

Numbers attending our events have been understandably low but we are hoping that we shall see more people in 2022. Do come along to some if you can. Why not try one of our Creation Walks, attend a Julian Meeting or come to our next Friends and Community Social? Even better, bring a friend with you; we are always pleased to see new faces.

Bookings too have not returned to pre-pandemic level. We are grateful to those who have re-started, but would like to see the Chapel used more frequently. We are especially keen when Quiet Days and Training Days are held, so if you know of a church or organisation that runs such events, do recommend us.

Our Mission Plan: ‘For Love Of Others’

Following discussions at our AGM, a Mission Plan has now been drafted, identifying 5 priorities:

1. Encouraging Prayer

2. Extending Hospitality

3. Developing Creation Care

4. Improving Resources

5. Thinking Global

We value your prayers, comments and ideas as we seek practical ways forward in these areas in 2022. In particular, for those who live locally, we would be grateful for your help in extending hospitality. During the pandemic there have been several occasions when a passer-by has seen the Chapel open and come in saying, “I have often passed by when the Chapel has been closed. Is it OK to look around?” This then leads on to conversation and questions and an opportunity to tell the story of Degibna Prayer Chapel. We would like to see more such opportunities!

Currently we hold a quarterly Friends & Community Social on a Saturday morning. We would love to hold a monthly event inviting visitors and passers-by to join us, but we cannot expect the same few to act as hosts every time! Please let us know if you would be willing to help occasionally by serving teas and coffees and welcoming people. We can then draw up a rota with 3 hosts per month, thus sharing the load. We shall ensure that someone with past experience is on the rota each month.

Degibna News

  • Disabled access to the Garden has been improved by fixing a grab-rail and hand rails. Thanks to Paul Richards for doing this.
  • In November we gained our Eco Church Silver award – the first church in Cornwall to do so. Now we are going for gold!
  • At our December Oasis service led by Rev Amanda, Noah David Adams was baptised. It was lovely to welcome family and friends including grandparents David & Elaine for this special occasion.

Some Prayer Points

As we enter a new year, let us look to God for help and guidance:

  • Pray that amid many uncertainties we may be assured of God’s love and care
  • Pray for worldwide efforts to combat the environmental and climate crises
  • Pray for Churches, Charities and all others seeking to recover from the pandemic
  • Pray for our Events & Bookings
  • Pray for progress as we implement our Mission Plan
  • Pray for one another as Friends of Degibna Prayer Chapel

Every blessing, as we continue to support one another in prayer.

Rev Andrew Hill (01326 569803) & Rev Amanda Stevens (01326 561792)

Degibna Prayer Chapel and Prayer Garden

Autumn Newsletter 2021

Dear Friends,

Greetings to all our Friends. With this newsletter you should receive:

  • our new events programme
  • a day by day prayer card from The Prayer Trust
  • a Friends renewal form

(those who have already set up a standing order need not complete the form unless your details have changed). Please encourage others to become Friends as you have opportunity. We hope you find the prayer card helpful.


Recently I have been thinking and reading about this Hebrew word, which occurs so many times in Scripture. It means peace, or quiet or well-being… and so much more than that. It expresses God’s vision for creation, for all people, individuals, and nations. This vision is incredible and hard to imagine in a world groaning beneath the problems of climate change, war, oppression, poverty, and pandemic. In the light of these things, shalom, when ‘the wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat… and a little child shall lead them’ (Isaiah chapter 11), seems almost a simplistic hope for the future. But we can look to our immediate communities to see how we can play our part in bringing about God’s ‘peaceable kingdom’, contributing to the well-being of people and creation. We can also pray for our own peace:

God of shalom, I offer you my worries, I bring you my brokenness. I surrender my striving. As I rest in your presence, I receive your peace.

Shalom! Rev Amanda

For Love Of Others

The Methodist Conference has urged all churches to develop a mission plan; to look outwards to the local community and the wider world, asking how we can best serve and share the good news of Christ. In this circuit all churches are being encouraged to step out in faith and seek God’s way forward ‘for love of others’. Our Vision and Management Team are excited by this initiative as it provides the opportunity to take a fresh look at what we do and why. Therefore this will be the main focus of our Annual General Meeting in October. We shall reflect together on what has worked well and what not so well. We shall share ideas and consider new ventures. However we need as many Friends as possible to take part. Please pray for our AGM, 2.00pm on Wednesday 20th October. Please come along if you live locally but, if you cannot attend, do get in touch with your ideas; large or small, reasonable or crazy! We look forward to meeting with you or hearing from you.

Website and Facebook

Do check out our website ( from time to time which is updated (fairly) regularly. There is a monthly Eco Tip on the home page, forthcoming events are listed, and much more to explore. Also, if you are on Facebook, do join the Degibna Prayer Chapel group for extra information and photos. Please let us know if you think of ways that we could improve these or if you spot any errors.

Events & Bookings

We are delighted that some of our regular bookings are now re-established and a few occasional bookings have been made. Please do encourage individuals and groups to use the Chapel for quiet times, training events, small group meetings etc. Those who come often comment on the peace and welcome they find here.

Also we are pleased that numbers attending our own events are slowly increasing. Do look at the events sheet and consider trying something new. In particular 2 new events planned are ‘Poetry and Prayer’ on Tuesday 12th October and ‘Reflecting on Covid’ on Thursday 18th November. Why not invite a friend to come along with you. A warm welcome is guaranteed.

Degibna News

  • In the Chapel is a new display made by Barbara Hill from all the prayer ribbons tied outside over the summer. Below is written: ‘We believe that each prayer has been heard by God and that all of those people and situations are on His heart.’ Thanks to all those who contributed
  • The Chapel Open Day on Saturday September 4th was well attended by Friends, locals and visitors. Thanks to all who helped and supported. Over £200 was raised for ‘All We Can’
  • This summer our window frames etc. have been repainted outside (thanks to Clive Addington). Also Paul Richards has repainted the toilet and rear lobby and this autumn will be fixing handrails beside our garden ramp + remedial re-pointing of our walls
  • Thanks also to Douglas Wearne for the small granite cross from Trewennack which has now been fixed above the porch window
  • We rejoice that 2 new Friends have joined recently. One attended our August Quiet Day and one came to our Open Day. May there be several others in the months ahead.
  • We are making good progress in the Eco Church scheme and hope to gain our silver award this year

Some Prayer Points

As daylight hours shorten and dark evenings lengthen let us:

  • Pray that the light of Christ may shine upon us and through us
  • Pray for continuing worldwide efforts to combat COVID
  • Pray for COP26 in November and all efforts to tackle the climate crisis
  • Pray for all who suffer and struggle in our local communities
  • Pray as we develop our mission stategy ‘for love of others’
  • Pray for one another as Friends of Degibna Prayer Chapel

Every blessing, as we continue to support one another in prayer.

Rev Andrew Hill (01326 569803) & Rev Amanda Stevens (01326 561792)

Degibna Prayer Chapel and Prayer Garden

Summer Newsletter 2021

Dear Friends,

Greetings, as we continue to anticipate the final, delayed, easing of lockdown. For the time being pre-booking continues for all events as we need to maintain social distancing, but hopefully not for long.

We certainly hope it will not be required for our Open Chapel Event on Saturday 4th September. We hope that many of you will join friends from the local community, from our regular bookings and passers-by as we welcome all for a grand get-together. We shall be seeking volunteers to welcome and serve on the day! Please put the date in your diary.

We anticipate that once Covid restrictions are lifted, our regular bookings will gradually return. We look forward to welcoming them back. Already we have had a few bookings from individuals and walking groups, so our building is starting to be used more, which is encouraging.

Annual Vision Meeting

On Monday April 26th Rev Amanda led us in a valuable and encouraging time of reflection and discussion, focusing on 3 themes: hospitality, creation care and prayer.

Hospitality: Once restrictions end, we are keen to explore extra ways of offering hospitality - in particular to the many visitors and locals who use the car park. Perhaps an occasional drop-in Saturday coffee morning or afternoon tea, with a team of volunteers to welcome and serve.

Some people do not realise we have a garden which is open to all. How can we improve signage and provide extra info?

Creation Care: We aim to gain our Eco Church silver award later this year. We look forward to hearing from Friends what positive actions they have taken in response to the March Eco Action Sheet. Simon, for example, mentioned that sparrows are already using their recently erected nesting box. Please let us know what you are doing.

Prayer: A simple guide to prayer to be made available. Other resources to be explored. We may host a ‘post-pandemic’ prayer event to reflect/remember/lament/give thanks. In what other ways can we encourage prayer?

Churches Count on Nature

This national scheme takes place each June, encouraging churches of all denominations to identify, over a particular week, the wild flora and fauna in their grounds. Martin Rule and I visited one morning and I returned one afternoon. Between us we identified 63 species, ranging from the well-known - Robin, Daisy - to the more unusual - Silver-ground Carpet, Green Orb-weaver. (A moth and a spider, in case you were wondering.) Be impressed! It was a fascinating exercise and our records have now been submitted. There were at least another 10 species we could not identify – mainly lichens and mosses, so if you are a budding lichenologist, let us know. We hope to repeat the exercise next year and add to our records in the months ahead. Let me know if you wish to see the full survey. Rev Andrew

Degibna News

We usually have a Prayer Focus inside, but decided to move this outdoors, inviting members of the public to tie a ribbon, representing their personal prayer of hope/thanks/sadness/blessing. We are thrilled that 150+ people have responded so far. Thanks to Barbara for the idea … and the ribbons!

We have 75 Friends at present – the highest number since the scheme began. Thank you so much for your continuing support, especially during the pandemic.

LED light bulbs have now replaced all other bulbs in regular use throughout the chapel, which should reduce our energy use and carbon footprint.

Our long-awaited planter/cycle-rack is now in place on our forecourt. Thanks to Everett Tripp for planting this up.

We are delighted to learn that the Cornwall Methodist District has registered as an Eco District and it is proposed that our own circuit register as an Eco Circuit.

Over the summer various work is planned to maintain our building and improve access, including re-painting the exterior and fixing hand-rails either side of the ramp into the garden.

Book Recommendation

There are now many books available which encourage us to take better care for our world, combat climate change, live more simply etc. One from a Christian perspective is ‘L is for Lifestyle’ by Ruth Valerio, sub-titled ‘Christian living that does not cost the earth’. One reviewer writes, ‘A priceless handbook … Ruth shares the joys and difficulties of being planet-friendly in a consumer’s world.’

Borrow it from your local library or splash out and buy your own copy.

Some Prayer Points

As we battle the pandemic, the climate crisis and more, let us:

Pray for the vaccine roll-out in the UK and worldwide

Pray for COP26 in November and all efforts to tackle the climate crisis

Pray for the lonely, the weary, the fearful and the struggling in our local communities

Pray for our Events and Bookings, both before and after restrictions are lifted

Pray for new initiatives in Hospitality, Creation Care and Prayer

Pray for one another as Friends of Degibna Prayer Chapel

Every blessing, as we continue to support one another in prayer.

Rev Andrew Hill (01326 569803) & Rev Amanda Stevens (01326 561792),

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