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Degibna Newsletter Autumn 2018

Dear Friends, Greeting to all friends of the Prayer Chapel. I hope some of you were able to come along to the annual Cream Tea on the last Saturday of July this year.  There was an excellent turn out and we were able to raise nearly £300 towards the new project in Helston led by Alison Jones: Christians Against Poverty. Please look out for this event next year as it is a chance to find out about the chapel, visit the garden and have food with like-minded folks.


The prayer Chapel is like an Oasis in the middle of a busy world. Down a quiet country road which leads to the sea at Loe Bar, yet only a mile from Helston, people have found their way there over the past year, either to attend an event, or to call in on one of the Sundays when we have been open all day this summer. A new feature is a prayer station, set up by Barbara Hill, which gives a focus for prayer. This will change regularly. On the third Sunday of each month, there is a Sunday afternoon, 3pm ‘service’ called Oasis which offers a contemplative experience, time to rest and pray. Sometimes Holy Communion is shared. This is an ecumenical event which does not follow a set ‘format’. Do look out for this on the Circuit Plan or on our Facebook page.

A greeting from Rev Andrew Hill  

Since returning to Helston it has been great to be more involved at Degibna. I now chair the Management team and am encouraged to see the vision developing. Two new ventures are Friends socials and ‘Exploring Silence’.

Friends Socials These are quarterly events, open to all but to friends in particular, an opportunity to share recent news and learn more of forthcoming events and projects (see the Events Diary).

Exploring Silence  This course is based on Quiet 25, materials produced by the Quiet Garden Trust, to celebrate 25 years since they began. We plan to offer the course this autumn over 5 Tuesday afternoons starting 23rd October (2pm to 3.30 pm). This course takes you on a journey through a range of contemplative exercises and practices, introducing groups to the benefit of silence together in natural surroundings and exploring the physical, mental health and spiritual benefits of taking regular time of quiet in nature. For further info or to book a place contact Rev Andrew ( Andrew or 01326 569803)

(Please note, it is now hoped to run this course at a later date.)

Something Understood’ One of our Quiet Day leaders, Rev Bridget Macaulay, Anglican priest and artist from West Cornwall, has produced a book of reflections with accompanying artwork. Bridget has based this work, called ‘Something Understood’, on the final line of a poem by 17th century poet George Herbert. The poem is entitled simply ‘Prayer’ (1). 

A sample copy of her book is at the prayer Chapel and available from her

Another book inspired by George Herbert’s poem is by Dennis Lennon called ‘Turning the Diamond’ (SPCK 2002). Here are a few words from the book as an aid to prayer and reflection:

As Christians called to live in this present time, our chief ministry will be to lift up our local world in our prayers (our family, street, place of work, entertainment) for the glory of the Father who gives life. In love and in solidarity, do for them what they may not think of doing for themselves, seeking God’s transforming blessing by prayer. As ‘priest’ in your street (1Peter Ch9 v 9/10) offer it to God for his perfect will.

‘Something Understood’ is also the name of a weekly radio programme on BBC Radio 4 which deals with topics of religion, spirituality, and the larger questions of human life, and takes a particular spiritual theme, exploring it through speech, music,prose, and poetry. Usually broadcast on Sunday mornings at 6.05 am.

Degibna Prayer Chapel Vision Team

Last year, the Vision team continued to explore prayerfully how the Chapel might be further used for the benefit of those enjoying the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty around. From this came the idea of leaving the chapel open all day on a Sunday. This has been a move of ‘radical hospitality’ which we have continued this summer, when we have offered the facilities, tea and coffee and use of the toilet to anyone passing by.

Please feel free to come along to the AGM at the chapel at 3pm on Monday 15th October.This will be led by our new Chair, Rev Andrew Hill. You may be able to help with an idea or something practical or just to learn more about the Vision.

The Vision afternoon, when we gather to pray and seek God’s will for the chapel, is on Monday March 25th  2019 at 2pm. Please come along. 

Every Blessing and please pray for the work and Vision at Degibna Prayer Chapel.

Rev Amanda Stevens (01326 561792) on behalf of the Prayer Chapel Team.