Degibna Prayer Chapel

Degibna Lane, Helston TR12 7PR

Booking Agreement Form

This agreement is between The Trustees of Degibna Prayer Chapel and:

Name & address of Group/Individual booking:- ______________________________________________________



Signature:                                                                 ______________________________

Details of Booking:                                                  ______________________________________________________

Date of booking;                                                      ______________________________

Time of booking from/to:                                       ______________________________

Contact person:                                                       ______________________________

Telephone No:                                                          ______________________________

Email address:                                                          ______________________________

Conditions of Booking

1. All users of the premises will be responsible for any damage to the premises or equipment during the time of their letting. Users must respect the premises. All groups should have their own personal liability insurance.

2. No alcohol whatsoever is permitted on the premises.

3. The Degibna Prayer Chapel Trustees cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to property anywhere on the premises or car park.

4. The users of the premises remain responsible for the security of the building during their occupation.

5. The Methodist Church operates a Safeguarding policy to which all users must adhere.

Donations: These can be made on the day or sent with booking form.

Cheques should be made payable to Degibna Prayer Chapel.

Please send booking form to:

The Lizard & Mounts Bay Circuit Office, Coinagehall Street, Helston, TR13 8EL

If you have any queries please contact:

Theresa Hosking (booking secretary) 01326 561140 or

Andrew Hill 01326 569803