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Rev David Pountain: 01326 561776

Sunday January 2nd 2022 at 10.30

Rev D Pountain Covenant Service

Steward: Annie, Door: Steph

Flowers: Christmas

Coffee Steph and Peter

NO Bible Fellowship

Online Access from 10am: Youtube & LAMB Cornwall Facebook page.

Join and like our Breaney Chapel Facebook page.

Prayer Meetings via “zoom”:

Saturday 9am with Rev David and the Breaney family – contact Rev David with prayer requests. Next meeting Jan 1st 9am

Prayer Book: we are using this again every week so if you have a need for yourself or others please tell the person at the door.

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Helston Theatre group are having their rehearsals for a musical on Tuesday evenings at Breaney and they will be using the whole building. We welcome them back.

Our lift which is over 25years old has broken beyond repair and a new one will cost around £14,000. We are in the process of getting quotes but we do need to pray for guidance in spending such a huge amount of money.

Christmas Day collection which amounted to £127.50 will be sent to “Action For Children.” Thanks to all.

This week the Christmas decorations need to be taken down and put away. Pete and I will be at chapel on Thursday from 11am. If anyone can spare the time to help we would appreciate it. Please let me know.

Sunday January 9th 2022 at 10.30

Mrs M Flinders

Steward :Trudy Door: Peter

Coffee Annie & Leonie

Cleaners Dec 27th Annie & Linda

Flowers Val

Sunday 6pm Bible fellowship resumes. We will be studying the letters of Peter

Steward and Notices: Mrs Stephanie Gordon 01326 564254 or 0774304369

A Happy and Blessed New Year to everyone

Loop System for those with hearing aids. Please switch aid to the “T” position to hear the service.

Large Print: Hymns & Psalms, NIV and Songs of Fellowship are available.

For details of other services at Breaney Methodist Chapel, please see the Circuit Plan on this website. Please click on 'What we do' then 'Circuit Plan'.

Chapel Sec: Mrs Stephanie Gordon 01326 564254