Central Methodist Church, 


Minister Rev. Danny Reed

SUNDAY 13th January 2019

9am - Breakfast Fellowship

10:45am - Combined – Mrs P Reed

6pm – Classic – Rev P Benney


Mon 14th 1:15 for 1:30pm Home Group at Sue & Chris Smith’s, 32 Barton Close, Helston 01326 564010.

5-6pm Free Community Evening Meal.

7:30pm Bible Study, Room 2 – contact Pastor Bill 01326 572873.

7:30pm Junior Church Meeting.

Tues 15th Coffee Morning CANCELLED.

Prayer Meeting CANCELLED.

10am-12noon - U3A History Group at Degibna.

2pm Bible Fellowship at Esme Wearne’s – contact Pastor Bill 01326 572873.

7:30pm Central Stewards Meeting.

7.30pm Home Group at Colin and Eileen Combellack's, all are welcome.

Wed 16th 1-2:45pm Tiddlers, a light lunch is available from 12:30.

5-6pm Free Community Evening Meal.

Thurs 17th 10:30-12:30 Coffee Morning – Edna & Sally.

Fri 18th 10:30-12:30 Coffee Morning in the Wesley Hall –Eileen & Colin.

11am Service at Godolphin House – Rev Danny.

12:45 Churches Together Prayer Time, Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, followed by Soup Lunch at Central.

6:30pm – Auction of “surplus to requirements” gifts plus pasty and trifle supper – see Helen Rogers.

Sat 19th 10am - Circuit Holiday Meeting.

12:45 Churches Together Prayer Time, Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, followed by Soup Lunch at Degibna.

2:30pm - A Beetle Drive at Leedstown, contact Rev Paul Benney.

Sun 20th 9:30am – Holy Communion – Rev D Reed

10:45am – Contemporary – Rev Mark Noakes

6pm – Witness Box – Mrs P Reed

The offering for Church funds on Sunday 23rd December was £639.73 and on 30th December £541.26 (plus the weekly average of £656.88 from direct giving).

The Circuit United service raised £106.59 for the Circuit charities.

The coffee morning on 22nd December raised £455.27 for Children's Hospice South West.

The Christmas Eve offering was £308.84, and the Christmas Day appeal for Indonesia raised £335.56.

The Big Christmas Card raised £93.70 for World Vision and the Tree of Memories raised £63 for Invictus Trust.


Baden & Martin’s History Group CDs, order forms are available on the Chapel foyer table.

Prayer meetings: 22nd, 29th January and 5th February 2019 will be held upstairs in the Prayer Corner.

Thursdays COFFEE POT 17th, 24th, 31st January and 7th February 2019 will be 10:30-12:30 (morning not afternoon).

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, 18th - 24th January: throughout the week there will be short services of prayer for Christian unity followed by a soup lunch at the Methodist, Anglican and Roman Catholic churches in Helston. The services will be: Friday, 18th, 12.45pm, Central Methodist Church

Saturday, 19th, 12.45pm, Degibna Prayer Chapel

Sunday, 20th, 4pm, United Service at St. Michael's Parish Church

Wednesday, 23rd, 12.45pm, St. Michael's Parish Church

Thursday, 24th, 12.45pm, St. Mary's R.C. Church

Please come along and meet people from other Helston churches and pray with them for Christian unity at these events if you are able to do so. Thank you.

Neil Turner

Cap Money Course being run by Steve Houghton of Helston Baptist Church. https://www.capmoney.org  starting 23rd January for three Wednesdays from 9.30 to 11.30 at Central Methodist. I am planning to run a crèche if required.

(If you are a befriender it would be great if you could attend the course as it would give you an insight into the way CAP advises clients to budget.)

You can sign up for the course online or let me know if you wish to come: Alison Jones 07421 731333.

Churches Together in Cornwall are holding a daily 30 minute service at 11.30am each day during the period 18 to 25 January 2019 (except Sunday) in Truro Methodist Church, Union Place, Truro. This is an opportunity to meet with Christian people of different traditions and celebrate our unity in Jesus.

CSS training at Breaney on Saturday 26th January from 2pm. Please let Rev Paul know if you are attending for room space and catering. Thank you.

Ann Liddicoat and Hannah Pascoe would like to say thank you for the lovely plants they received from the Church family for Christmas.

Molly Buxton thanks Ruth Curnow for the flowers, very greatly appreciated.

FAMILY AND ELDERLY SHOEBOX 2018 – I’d would like to say a BIG thank you to everyone at Central Methodist Church who made is possible for us to send 86 Christmas Shoeboxes off to some of the poorest people in Eastern Europe. Whether you filled a whole box, gave items to make up boxes or donated money for postage, thank you so much for helping to put a smile on someone’s face this Christmas. Rose Didlick

A very big thank you to all who donated to the homeless shoeboxes, that were done for the homeless Christmas Dinner held at Central. So that it’s not such a last minute rush around Christmas time, I will be collecting bits throughout the year, remember small items that can be given as a gift, also shoe boxes I will start collecting them now and storing in my cupboard.  Can I please remind you the only clothing I put into the boxes is Hats, Scarfs and Gloves. If you have any questions about this, please see me. Cynthia Holman

Eco Church Tip: A great and easy way to recycle old Christmas cards is to cut them up to make gift labels for next year - the remainder of the card can be recycled in the blue box scheme or local collection centre.


We have a loop system to assist the hard of hearing Please turn hearing aid to position ‘T’

Items for the notice sheet to Theresa by Thursday noon, please preferably

by email to clericalsw@outlook.com or 01326 561140 Please keep emails as brief as possible

Coffee next Sunday Suzanne Goodwin, Ismay Rogers, Karen Moseley, Heather Wilson

Thanks to Maureen Dale for today’s flowers - flower arranger next Sunday 20th Heather Wilson

Don’t forget we have a range of greetings cards for sale in the Wesley Hall. These are made and generously donated by Janet Tripp. The total raised so far for Church funds is £257.99.