Sunday 18th October. 

11.00 am. We welcome you, and thank those members of our  congregation that will be leading our service this morning.

                      Welcome to all who have joined us as we continue to worship in the current restricted circumstances.

                                                                The offering last week amounted to £345.00.

                                                         So far, £130.00 has also been donated for All We Can.

Social distancing worked well in the worship area last week but sadly some forgot it when meeting in the car park. Please continue the good work as we                                                          do not want to become a source of infection and pass it to friends. 

                                                       If you are unable to use the advised route please speak to a steward.

Please note that on exiting through the vestry you can go left or right.  The right-hand route although narrow, is more direct to the front car park and avoids the slope encountered by turning left. 

                                                                                               Sunday 25th October.

                                                                                             11.00 am.   Rev. Diane Grice.

                                                                                 Stewards Mr. D. Stevens and Mr. A. Jackson.

                                                                                                     Advance Notice.

                                                                                    Wed. 28th 7.15 pm. Church Council.

                                                                                   Thurs. 29th 7:15pm Circuit Meeting via Zoom.