Sunday 16th January 2022. 11.00 am. 

We are invited to a United Service at Mullion led by Rev. Graham Thompson. Acting District Chairman.

                                    The offering last week amounted to £246.00. 

The death of the Reverend Philip Deryk Williams, aged 92 years of Newlyn has recently been announced. He was a local lad attending Zoar Chapel before joining the Methodist Ministry..

                                         Fri. 21st 10.00am.- 12.00 noon. Little Blessings. 

                                               Sunday 23rd January 2022. 11.00 am. 

                                                               Mr. Chris Smith.

                                      Door Steward Mr. J. McFarlane. Vestry Steward Mr. D. Stevens. 

                                                                           Advance notices. 

Sat. 29th 10.00 am – 3.00 pm. “Leading your Church into Growth” and is referred to as LYCIG. Course at          Helston, second session. 

                                            Good Companions will not meet again until February