Sunday 10th October 2021.

 11.00 am. We welcome Mr. Adrian Hendy and thank him for leading our BM1* service today.

 The offering at our Harvest festival last Sunday was £360. A retiring collection for All We Can,including Gift Aid envelopes, was £282. 

Net proceeds from our Harvest Home on Monday evening were again £360 to be divided 50/50 between Church Funds and All We Can. Thus the total raised for All We Can was £462 

Thanks to all who supported, brought harvest produce, prepared and decorated the church premises, arranged the Harvest Home supper and gave generously to our Methodist charity. 

" We owe gratitude also to Peter Richmond, David Pascoe and Monty Bloomfield for their leadership. 

Wed. 13th 7.30 – 9.00 pm. Circuit Eco Meeting Wesley Hall, Central. Full details on flier in our hall. 

Fri. 15th 10.00 am.–12.00 noon. Little Blessings, Toddler Group.

 Sunday 17th October 2021. 11.00 am. Rev. David Pountain BM2*

 . Stewards Mr. M. Dagger/Mr. A. Jackson. 

Advance Notice. 

Wed. 27th 7:15pm. pm. Church Council. 

*October is Bible Month. For four of the Sundays in October we will be looking at Mark's gospel (which has 16 chapters in it). So each week you are encouraged and challenged to read 4 chapters so that by the end of the month. you will have read the complete gospel Preachers each week will take a passage from each of those 4 sections. This week is Ch 1-4