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Caring for older people in Cornwall

We were recently featured on the Methodist Website blog for the work of the Lizard and Mounts Bay Circuit with the third age. You can view the article on there website here, or please read it below.

Tracy Haslam is the first Third Age Worker with the Lizard and Mounts Bay Circuit. She started in her role in 2023 aiming to bring peace and companionship to elderly people living in the area. She plans to remind them that their community has not forgotten them.

Located in the Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly Methodist District, Lizard and Mounts Bay Circuit is committed to serving its community in any way it can. After realising that elderly people might be feeling neglected, Tracy Haslam, the new Third Age Worker, was hired. 

She brings commitment and energy to the role, aiming to make older people feel loved and cared about. She wants to sing for them, organise services, read to them and offer them the company and any activity they would enjoy with tea and coffee!

“My vision is to bring the good news of our Lord into care homes and to come alongside all the people who want to participate in taking our word, vision and services to the residential care homes in this area,” says Tracy who started by contacting the eight local care and residential homes.

Tracy will visit members of the congregation who are unable to come to church. She will provide worship and communion to those who want it; “We felt that people who have given their lives to the Methodist Church, but are no longer able to attend, need love and care. We have put money into that,” adds Revd Danny Reed, superintendent of the Lizard and Mounts Bay Circuit.

But Tracy’s work will not be limited to helping elderly Methodists, everyone is welcome to join and have a chat. This is particularly true for care homes where residents have different faiths or none.

Tracy’s motivation and enthusiasm are critical, especially as many denominations stopped visiting care homes during COVID and did not resume. “I connected with a couple of Anglican ministers, and we are hoping to work together. I do not want to step on anybody's toes. I am trying to include the people that used to go into the homes as far as I can find out who they are,” explains Tracy.

Her vision is interfaith and cooperative, she would like to gather a team of volunteers to help her and ensure that every elderly person who wishes it receives some company regularly. Tracy’s plan is ambitious with two services in each home every month. 

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