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Community Gaming Group Thriving

The 'Roll The Dice' group held at Breaney Chapel is going from strength to strength.

Starting life initially as a school club, in December 2023 the group established itself as a community gaming group for children aged 8-14, and launched Roll the Dice in January 2024.

The name of the club - Roll the Dice - was inspired by Proverbs 16:33: "We may throw the dice, but the Lord determines how they fall." Since their first session, membership has gone from 7 children to 42.

Group organiser Rev Matt Fugill said:

"We're deeply grateful to Breaney Methodist Chapel who not only provided us with the space but who have also supported us in terms of both practicalities and prayer. We've also had the support of the Lizard and Mounts Bay Circuit, have helped us both in the setting up of the club and ensuring proper processes are in place. We've also been well supported by the district who gave us a very generous DAF grant of £500. In addition to this, we've been overwhelmed by the support we've received from the wider gaming community; businesses of all sizes have sent us painting supplies, models and gaming scenery. Individuals have supported us both financially, donating £600 via GoFundMe, and providing us with numerous models from their own collection either free or at the cost of postage. All of this means the club is free to attend with no unexpected costs aside from the odd spilled paint."

"The club continues to grow and is well on its way to being self-sustaining. In addition, following numerous requests we've also begun a fortnightly adults group at Porthleven Community Hall; at our first session we had 12 adults attend, ranging in age from 18 to 50. We've now established Roll the Dice as a CIC, and are beginning to explore what we can offer further to the community; games therapy is a rapidly growing field, and a number of elements of tabletop games tie in well with curriculum offered within schools".

"On the surface, its primarily a social group, where both kids and adults at their respective groups bring their toy soldiers to a session in order paint and then play with them in a game whose outcome is determined by either strategy or blind luck (and often both). But looking at it that way doesn't explain the number of conversations we've had with both children and adults about parental pressure, chronic loneliness, mental health, financial pressures and unexpected losses. There's something unexpectedly moving about seeing a child and parent sat at the painting table creating together. But more importantly, it invites the opportunity for questions, not just about life but faith as well. One of the kids the other week asked me whether I actually believe in God because I'm a minister. Another week, a parent challenged me on where God was in the world around us, all while I'm stood on the chapel steps spray painting an undercoat on some of the kids models for them and wearing pink washing up gloves. At its core, this is a missional activity. It may not be a table of food, as Jesus shared with others through his ministry, but as a painting table, its not too far off..."

Roll the Dice for ages 8-14 runs every Thursday during term times at Breaney Chapel. Roll the Dice: Adult Edition for ages 18+ runs every two weeks on Fridays from 7:30pm till 11pm at Porthleven Community Hall. For more information, you can check out our website:, and you can search for us on Facebook and Instagram under "Roll the Dice Cornwall".

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