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Donations galore for CAP's Christmas

The members of the LAMB circuit were asked for donations towards Christians Against Poverty's Christmas initiative this year, and they delivered!

Food, toys, clothes and gifts were willingly given so CAP and the benevolent team at Central Methodist Church were able to donate a staggering amount of food hampers and Christmas present parcels to children and adults who would otherwise have gone hungry and without food over the Christmas period. 

Deb from CAP said:

"A huge, huge thank you from both Liz and myself here in the CAP office for all of your support. We couldn't have done it without you. A huge shout out also to our amazing CAP supporters who spent time wrapping hundreds of presents, and to the neighbourly project via Lidl who donated the bulk of the toys."

CAP wishes a peace filled Christmas and a hope filled New Year to all.


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